Lake Garda and Valtenesi

Cascina Belmonte is located in Valtènesi, a hilly area in the southwestern part of Lake Garda.
Lake Garda is the largest body of fresh water in Italy.
The northernmost place in the world where lemon trees are cultivated.

More than 300 meters deep and over 50 kilometers long. It brings winds, rains and mitigates the cold alpine winters. A patch of Mediterranean flavors and colors framed by the Alps, on whose banks for centuries have flourished cultivation of lemons, capers, cedars and, of course, the cultivation of vines.

Valtenesi is the hilly area located in the southwestern part of Lake Garda. Among the cities of Desenzano and Salò.


Hills formed during the ice ages when glaciers pushed down materials from the Alps to the plains. Rocks, stones, gravel. Thin, dry, soils, gravel, where farmers have always grown vines and olive trees.
Over the centuries they selected a variety of olive, called Casaliva, and a variety of grape, called Groppello Gentile, that best suited to the territory.

Over a century ago, in 1890, the senator of the Kingdom of Italy Pompeo Molmenti availing of the collaboration of French agronomists, studied the territory and its viticulture. They examined in depth the characteristics of the soil, the climate and the Groppello, the native vinetree. On the basis of the research done, sensed that the rosè, better than other types of wine, could express the characteristics of this land.

He then codified, first in Italy, the production process of the rosé, calling it Chiaretto.
In 1967 the area was recognized as “Denominazione di Origine Controllata”.