The energies of Cascina Belmonte are always moving.
In these years we were able to give birth to two parallel projects from our cellar,
but always with the same common denominator: the grapes.


D’UVA is an innovative beverage obtained by simple cold pressing of freshly picked grapes.
Unpasteurized to preserve the organoleptic qualities and natural grape nutrients.
A delicious, healthy and organic for your daily well-being.


A wine of superior quality, healthy, easily digestible and expression of the territory, packed in Bag in Box of 3 or 10 liters. Each Bag in Box of 3 liters is produced with over 15 bunches of ripe grapes, almost 50 for a pack of 10 liters.
Therefore, the musts are not enriched with sugars.
Also the wine is clarified without the use of animal protein thus being also suitable for a vegetarian diet.
The sulfites content is very low (see indications on the label).