Master Mixologist Cristiano Taluzzi and d’UVA [..part 1..]

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When we met Cristiano, he immediately caught our attention with his anecdotes and the remarkable flavors of his travels. We wanted to introduce him to d’UVA right away to see where his creativity would take him, and this collection of cocktail (and mocktail) recipes was born. It’s sweet and short, fit for all occasions and all tastes!

Cristiano Taluzzi

Cristiano’s work behind the bar began in 1994 in an Irish Pub in Bergamo, Lombardy. From that moment, season after season and locale after locale, he continued practicing his same work in Italy and abroad, never thinking once of changing careers. The secret ingredient that everyone delights in finding in his drinks is a pervading cheerfulness. Crisitiano has the gift of a natural hand for measuring, the pleasure of curiosity, the respect for balance and harmony, and the capacity to gather of all his talent in one drink.

Studying, stealing from the experts, and observing: places, appearances, pastimes, colors, flavors, new ingredients, exotic and known flavors, stories, personalities, legends, adventures–they all make it into his shaker. Everything he sees and tries is served with his creativity and professionalism. From Jesolo and Miami to NYC and London, from Capetown to Panama and Ibiza…

From bar to bar and city to city, from place to place he never ceases to try and try again, adding, subtracting, discovering, searching, and starting over. Impatience, curiosity, restlessness, joy, travel, love for art, literature, and photography pass through his hands to arrive in the drinks we are served.

Cristiano landed in 2012 in the enchanting Lefay resort & spa on Lake Garda where he proudly serves as bar manager. It was here that he ran into d’UVA and where we piqued his curiosity; and it was here where he created this inspired collection of recipes.

Part 1: Mocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails

R A L F SUPERMAXIHERO @MocktailsD'uva 16-04-2013-293 (2) supermaxihero

d’UVA Barbera, orange juice, aloe juice, sugar; celery, carrot, and cucumber for garnish

This is quite the magic potion of antioxidants and Vitamin C, the aloe syrup completing its healthy profile and giving it an exotic, sweet note. The mini salad garnishing this non-alcoholic drink highlights its health “strength;” we imagine Popeye might pair his spinach with this. The perfect moment to drink it is in the morning, right after waking up, after a workout, or anytime you need to recharge your batteries!

VIRGIN SANGRIA @mocktailsD'uva 16-04-2013-7 (2) mocktail

d’UVA Barbera, orange soda, lemon soda, sugar; apple, pineapple, and lemon for garnish

Sangria is a traditional Spanish drink made using local products like wine and fruit. Its name derives from sangria, which means “blood,” because of the intensity of color. For this popular drink, a precise recipe can’t really be said to exist as there are so many ways to personalize it according to your own taste. Our version substitutes wine with d’UVA, making it a refreshing, non-alcoholic mocktail. Virgin Sangria is a fresh, sparkling, summer drink. It’s a Sangria for the beach and summer heat!

FARMHOUSE BREAKFAST @MocktailsD'uva 16-04-2013-26 (2) farmhouse breakfast

d’UVA Anise & Liquorice, apple juice, cinnamon syrup; liquorice and anise for garnish

Sweet and spicy, this creation by Cristiano Taluzzi was made for a cozy morning, tea time, or relaxed after dinner drink. Pair it with buttery handmade pastries or fruit and jam tarts. The spices in this pleasant drink add an aromatic complexity and fascinating flavor.

SPICY NO MULE @MocktailsD'uva 16-04-2013-260 (2) spicy no mule

d’UVA Ginger & Lemongrass, chili pepper syrup, ginger beer; ginger, mint, and chili pepper for garnish

A non-alcoholic version of a famous cocktail from Chicago in the 1940s, “no mule” means no vodka; a popular brand of vodka had a mule as its brand symbol. Spicy and appetizing, the chili pepper and ginger definitely give this mocktail a strong personality, pronounced yet balanced and pleasant. It’s a refreshing drink that helps with digestion and that may also be an aphrodisiac thanks to its chili and ginger. After lunch or after dinner are the best times for this mocktail.

Wilma Zanaglio

Translated by: Diana Zahuranec

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