Last in the d’UVA cocktail series by Cristiano Taluzzi: Signature drinks.

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We finish the series of cocktails made with d’UVA and created by mixologist Cristiano Taluzzi with the Signature drinks. Constantly in search of an exotic ingredient, a vintage glass, a new garnish, and a story to tell, working with Cristiano has truly been a pleasure. Seeing the ease with which he creates balanced and aesthetically pleasing cocktails, we’ve come to understand that the apparent simplicity comes from his experience, knowledge, research, and overall passion for his work. Harmony, beauty, and good taste are the three primary ingredients in every one of his cocktails!

For d’UVA and all of those fortunate enough to taste Cristiano’s creations, the master mixologist has pulled aside the curtain for a glimpse into a new world of the tantalizing possibilities in the mixes he so deftly creates.
D'uva 16-04-2013-095






D'uva 16-04-2013-518

Cognac, Creme de cassis, d’Uva Barbera, cardamom syrup, raspberry puree, wildflowers for garnish.  An elegant after dinner drink that is complex and decisive. It’s structure is French: its body and softness are supported by the Cognac, and the cardamom spice balances with the creamy, fresh pulp of slightly tangy raspberries. The flowers emphasize the aromatic bouquet.


D'uva 16-04-2013-159

Gin, Cocchi americano, Pimento dram, d’UVA Barbera, orgeat syrup, lime juice, mint, grapes and black pepper for garnish.  This is a “fusion” cocktail where pre-prohibition meets the Parisian 1920s, originally intended to give new life to customers passing through a difficult time (also often heard as Corpse Reviver)…the drink was a sort of strength-giving day-therapy that saw many different interpretations through the 20s, prohibition, the 1950s, and today. The version that Cristiano Taluzzi created for d’UVA has a complex yet light character with a pleasantly sweet, peppered, and stimulating mix of spices to its overall friendly profile.

CAROSELLO @Signature

D'uva 16-04-2013-498

Amaretto di Saronno, d’UVA Barbera, Ginger ale; cinnamon for garnish.    A complex, captivating cocktail excellent at the end of a meal, this drink has a soft, curvy feminine character. It’s a charming drink also perfect for happy hour, its different sensations playing with the sense: the light bitterness of almond, the refreshing ginger ale, the warm cinnamon, and the juiciness of d’UVA.


D'uva 16-04-2013-465

Campari, d’UVA Barbera, citron juice; lemon and apple for garnish.

The Futurists displayed with notable creativity when they gave cocktails Italian names in the 1930s, years when using foreign words was actually illegal. “Barman” became “miscelatori” (mixologist) and “cocktails” became “polibibite,” from poli (many)-bibite (drink). In the same period, a cocktail (excuse the English–polibibite) was invented with a red wine base, Campari, and citron juice called La Giostra (The Ride). Ottovolante, or Rollercoaster, is Cristiano Taluzzi’s interpretation where the red wine is substituted with d’UVA. It’s a refreshing and discreetly alcoholic drink, rather bitter from the Campari and citrusy from the citron juice. It’s classic happy hour!

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Idea: Cristiano Taluzzi

Text: Wilma Zanaglio

Translation: Diana Zahuranec


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