d’UVA mixology: Classic with a Twist [..part 2..]

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Master Mixologist Cristiano Taluzzi, world traveler and drink extraordinaire, has created a series of cocktails and mocktails with d’UVA that are refreshing, delicious, and aesthetically pleasing.

D'uva 16-04-2013-046


Part 2: Classic with a twist


COSMO d’UVA @Classic with a twist

D'uva 16-04-2013-363 (2) classic w a twist

Vodka, Triple sec, d’UVA Barbera, lime juice; grapes as garnish.

The Cosmopolitan was born in Florida in the 1970s. Its fame and success may have something to do with its popularity with celebrities like Madonna, or its constant appearance on Sex and the City. It’s elegant, feminine, fashionable, and versatile as it may be drunk during happy hour or after hours. The above version by Cristiano Taluzzi tips the ratio of vodka and juice in d’UVA’s favor (as opposed to the original, more alcoholic drink), making it a friendly, light cocktail.

d’UVA COLADA @Classic with a twist

D''uva colada

Rum, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, d’UVA Barbera; grape and pineapple for garnish

The story of Pina Colada has more than one beginning, but most agree on two points: it’s Puerto Rican, and it’s one of the most popular tropical drinks in the world. The Pina Colada is a drink anyone can enjoy with its fresh and pleasant flavor, persistent coconut aroma, and velvet touch on the palate. Cristiano Taluzzi has created a verison that is a bit more brightly colored, but just as easily drinkable and tasty. This is a cocktail for the beach!

NEW YORK SOUR @Classic with a twist

D'uva new york sour

Bourbon, lemon juice, sugar, d’UVA Barbera; maraschino cherry, lemon, and…smoke

Acidity and sweetness are the main sensations in this cocktail. The sour mix is characterized with acidic lemon that melds with the Bourbon. Smoke is used for decoration, but also to help position this drink in its after-dinner place, perhaps accompanied with a cigar, as a digestive from the slight lemon tang. Interestingly, this drink was invented in Chicago in the early 1900s, notwithstanding its name.

BAL-CAI d’UVA @Classic with a twist

D'uva bal cai

Vodka, sugar, lime, strawberry puree, d’UVA Barbera, balsamic vinegar; strawberry and lemon for garnish

The strawberry Caipiroska is the idea behind this happy hour or after drink cocktail, which uses the acidity of strawberry puree–in our case helped by the d’UVA and bittersweet zing of balsamic vinegar–and the dryness of vodka to build a crisp and stimulating drink. BALsamic CAIpiroska d’UVA is genius…the balsamic vinegar is an unexpected and artistic touch that adds a pleasantly juicy, acidic-smooth note.

Idea: Cristiano Taluzzi

Text: Wilma Zanaglio

Traslation: Diana Zahuranec

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