Biodiversity and vineyards

The agro-ecosystem is by definition an unstable environment as highly disturbed by man.
Instead wild areas are naturally perfectly balanced.
We want to improve the quality and quantity of biodiversity in our fields, in order to create an environment more biological balanced and therefore less in need of inputs by the farmer.

To increase and maintain biodiversity on cultivated land, we have made a series of actions later collected in a project called Farm Nature Plan.

If you want more information download the Natur Farm Plan file.

In this video Marco Meneguz, naturalist and biologist, takes us on a “naturalistic” walk through the forest, meadow and vineyards, explaining some of the activities of the Farm Nature Plan.

Some pictures of the project Nature Farm Plan:

Islands of wild flowers, butterflies and insects near the vineyards:

Little ponds:

The path of a wwoofer